constance spa


constance spa

Constance Spa by Constance is designed to restore your well-being. This new concept is all about you; you as a valued guest, and you as our focus. We take special care to identify your objectives and preferences to fully relax, rejuvenate and find your equilibrium during your vacation with us.

Select from our “Classics” or “Deluxe” ranges of treatments at each Constance Spa.

Our thoughts tend to tilt towards “Spa”, “Spa treatments”, “Massages” as soon as we utter the word “Wellness” and this is where we are wrong. Wellness has different levels; it touches the emotional you – emotional wellness; the physical you – physical wellness; the social you – social wellness, the spiritual you – spiritual wellness and the naturalist in you – environmental wellness.

With a hectic life, it is more than normal not to be able to focus on those facets of ourselves and concentrate only on the physical. We feel the need to go to the gym or even have a facial or a massage but this does not necessarily mean we are in Wellness Bliss!

We at Constance Hotels & Resorts we defy this thinking and engage ourselves in offering you the real wellness experience as we believe that wellness bliss is when we feel good about ourselves, we are able to appreciate our environment, we have a satisfied feeling in our personal life, we excel in our professional life and above all, when we are at peace with ourselves!