We are a
Luxury Boutique
PR Agency


Media Relations & Press Coverage

We believe that the best partnerships are formed due to a mutual understanding and a shared common goal. We approach each client as an extension of our own brand. We cement the relationship by offering trusted content, rich storylines and a healthy dose of determination. We pride ourselves on our indisputable integrity and reputation as an agency, generating headlines for our clients across all GCC media platforms.. In the past six months alone, we have met face-to-face with more than 100 journalists. And we know hundreds more across the GCC media scenery who look to us as an invaluable resource. So what sets us apart? Modestly put: We think like journalists.

We find the angle others missed, the trend ready to be augmented, the story waiting to be told – the exclusive. And then we share it – powerfully and precisely. We consistently deliver news that media outlets crave – and readers share.


We believe that every client is individual, coming   to us at a different stage  in their life cycle. We excel in innovating any and every step of the way– whether it’s augmenting a trend in its emerging stages, media training a corporate dissident, bubbling up a new-found concept or providing counsel in crisis. We are present, watching over you, your brand, and your reputation.

Our holistic approach to defining PR has gained us the attention of global brands and corporate clients such as Constance Hotels & Resorts, Royal Caribbean International and Six Senses to trendsetting boutique properties like Iniala Beach House.

Our perspective comes with experience, and provides significant value across the entire spectrum of our partnerships.


Within the arch of a brand’s life, there are opportunities to shine. And ways to catalyse the conversation in cycle with like-minded partners.

At TCApr we constantly look for intriguing ways to create those rare relationships that engage new audiences, re-shape perceptions and spike a brand’s “wow” factor.

From the most likely partnerships to surprisingly successful matches and strategic alliances, we know the players, the paths in, and the ways to create attention-grabbing pitches that showcase the “talent” on both sides of the equation.

Our skill set takes partnering beyond its traditional paths, and promises palpable ROI.

Creative Content

We are a content first company, creatively composing the most relevant and engaging stories for brands across all media channels.  We bring powerful narratives to life, driving target audience behaviour.


TCApr creates the media events most often earmarked as a “must-attend.” Our inspiration comes from our infallible sense of what motivates consumers and magnetizes the media. Always intriguing, never formulaic, our events have purpose at their foundation and strategically raise brand profiles with stellar concepts, immersive itineraries and organizational excellence.

From buzzy celebrity studded launch parties and on-location familiarizations to intimate deskside tours, we step from the side-lines to curate both the effect and the impact. Hence the reason  top tier media covet our invitations and cover our events.

And Launches

While our clients go about the business of building great properties and lifestyle products around the world, we begin the art of generating anticipation. For us, every new launch is a chance to be ground-breaking – again.

We enlist a strategy built personally and passionately for each client. And amplify the buzz in a way we alone know how to do.Throughout launches, we stay laser-focused on the business objectives at hand, boosting clients’ profiles with travel planners, industry players, and key partners.

Get There

Any firm can cover what’s new. The talent lies in finding what’s next. Precisely what TCApr does best. Our forward thinking approach focuses the conversation on diligently thinking ahead to not just the next story, but the next opportunity… a rounded approach that leaves no stone unturned to ensure we find the thing that lights up the grid, spurs the trend spotters or sparks the interest of tastemakers. At the corner of intuition and innovation is where you’ll find us.